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Sunday, April 17, 2011

NYT article - The Anti-Immigration Crusader

Read the article about Dr. John Tanton, anti-immigrant crusader, in the NYTimes today.  Tanton is a major force behind three national anti-immigrant efforts, including the Federation for American Immigration Reform, or FAIR, which helped draft the Arizona law last year to give the police new power to identify and detain illegal immigrants.   Here's an excerpt from the Times article.  Link to full article below.

Rarely has one person done so much to structure a major cause, or done it so far from the public eye. Dr. Tanton has raised millions of dollars, groomed protégés and bequeathed institutions, all while running an ophthalmology practice nearly 800 miles from Capitol Hill. 

“He is the most influential unknown man in America,” said Linda Chavez, a former aide to President Ronald Reagan, who once led a Tanton group that promoted English-only laws. 

While Dr. Tanton’s influence has been extraordinary, so has his evolution — from apostle of centrist restraint to ally of angry populists and a man who increasingly saw immigration through a racial lens.

Read full article here

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