Central Baptist Church's affiliation with the Philadelphia New Sanctuary Movement is a renewal of CBC's prophetic engagement in the original Sanctuary Movement, declared in a congregational vote in 1984. This reaffirmation today of our historic commitment is grounded in our congregation's vision of “justice rooted in spirituality” and “making a difference in community.”-Congregational Meeting April 25th, 2010.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pennsylvania Compact


FEDERAL SOLUTIONS Immigration is a federal policy issue between the U.S. government and other countries—not Pennsylvania and other countries. We urge Pennsylvania’s congressional delegation, and others, to lead efforts to ensure smart and effective enforcement of federal laws that protect our national borders. We urge state leaders to adopt reasonable policies addressing immigrants in Pennsylvania.

LAW ENFORCEMENT We respect the rule of law and support law enforcement’s professional judgment and discretion. Local law enforcement resources should focus on criminal activities, not civil violations of federal code.

FAMILIES Strong families are the foundation of successful communities. We oppose policies that unnecessarily separate families. We champion policies that support families and improve the health, education and well-being of all Pennsylvania residents.

ECONOMY Pennsylvania is best served by a well balanced free market that maximizes individual freedom and opportunity. We acknowledge the economic role immigrants play as workers and taxpayers. Pennsylvania has the third oldest population in the nation and many young immigrant families have replenished our workforce and have acted as caretakers for our elderly and children. Pennsylvania’s immigration policies must be fair and friendly both to businesses and workers who choose to establish themselves here, in order to strengthen our economic role nationally and globally.

A FREE AND WELCOMING SOCIETY The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has attracted diverse groups of people from many nations and various walks of life, all seeking liberty and prosperity. It was in this spirit that the United States of America was founded – in Pennsylvania. We must adopt a humane approach to this reality, reflecting our unique culture, history and spirit of inclusion—as envisioned by our founder William Penn. The way that we treat newcomers sends a message about our state to the rest of the world.

Pennsylvania Compact

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