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Monday, May 9, 2011

Book Exploring Models of Immigration

Susan F. Martin, historian at Georgetown University, has written a book entitled A Nation of Immigrants in which she claims that North Americans traditionally favor immigration, but not immigrants. Further, she explores three historical models for assimilating immigrants: the Virginal Model which sought workers but gave few rights (indentured servants, slaves), the Massachusetts Model which welcomed believers but punished dissent (Puritans and pilgrims), and the Pennsylvania Model which sought citizens of diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds (Scottish, Irish, Germans, French, Moravians, Mennonites). She favors the Pennsylvania Model but says that while "it is not dead, it is under severe challenge."

In the present day debate, she favors a legalization plan for illegal immigrants but is skeptical about guest worker plans because of the temptation to exploitation. Read a NYTimes review.

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